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Diamond Ring Candy

  • 777円
  • dagashi-0081

Just like a big jewel ring! Very much for girls. E...

Sour Paper Candy Cola Flavor

  • 829円
  • dagashi-0049

This thinly spread candy is just like a gummy. Col...

Sherbet-Lick Soda Flavor

  • 972円
  • dagashi-0069

Dip the candy into fizzy tasting powder and enjoy ...

Super Chameleon Candy

  • 1,080円
  • dagashi-00560

This mysterious candy changes color twice while ea...

Donguri Gum Cola Flavor

  • 1,080円
  • dagashi-0058

This gum is covered with cola flavored candy. Two...

Japanese Stick Starch Candy

  • 1,620円
  • dagashi-0033

Knead your tasty colorful starch candy with the ch...

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